“Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.” – Edward de Bono
The Haus of Savage is a collective of artists from all walks of life.  This group creates new and astonishing visual works in the fields of photography, product design, videography, choreography, costuming, aerial trapeze, and several other fields.  In addition to helping to realize group goals, each artists helps one another further their own personal goals.

Aurora Savage


As the creator and director of H.o.S, Aurora is a part of every Haus Project from idea to reality.  Aurora's background in theater and music, as well as a love for the arts and performance, keeps her focused and driven when taking on new projects.  Currently, Aurora spends a lot of time researching new performance sets and the fashions of Lady Gaga but she loves expressing her own creativity through photo and video.  As much as you see Aurora on stage or on camera, she loves the backstage work just as much.  Over the past year, Aurora has picked up a love for film and photo work; photography, video production/editing, graphic design.  Blended with past loves of stage production, lighting and music design, costuming, and dance, Aurora and The Haus are preparing to bring more to the stage than ever before.

TJ Stewart

Creative Artist / Performance Artist

As a creative artist and consultant, Tj helps create and round the ideas of H.o.S. Tj has an exciting background with 11 years of drag and four years of Circus performance. With all of his on-stage talent, TJ has also run his own massage business for the past three years. He works to keep expanding his business, Holistic Bodies, and bring new skills and services to his clients. He brings a unique eye to the projects at H.o.S. and helps push projects forward.

Holistic Bodies | Instagram | Facebook

Christopher Brewer

Creative Artist / Graphic Designer

As a creative and graphic artist of H.o.S, Christopher helps consult on all things graphic. With a background in Graphic and Industrial design, Christopher is a significant asset for H.o.S. He spends his free time helping small businesses and designing a wide array of materials such as logos, information guides and pamphlets, promotional material, wearable merchandise and more. Christopher has a passion for bringing creativity and graphic ideas to reality, in the office and in every day life.



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More to be Announced.

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